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Diverse by Nature
Are you Rideable?

Diverse by Name, Diverse by Nature…

If you can ride it we make it. From New Amazing technology like Dynocore™ that raises the bar of durability in performance boards, Eco Advantages like Corktop™ deck boards. or Modern renditions of Vintage style made fresh for your pleasure. Customs are for customers, Thats you…



This is my technology. My Dynocore™ project.  My name is Dave Verrall and i have a passion for making better surfboards. For the last few years i have been working like a crazy gyro gearloose type mad scientist! Surrounding myself with fellow believers and a few inventive peers I have achieved a public product. I am very confident your going to love your next Diverse Surfboard manufactured with “Dynocore™” technology. Incorporating a high tech fusion of Fibers & Foam. The goal of the DYNOCORE™ project was to create a Lightweight durable custom Surfboard with engineered flex return. Creating it to feel just like a Top 10 pro’s board but lasting like a Surfboard should.

Dynocore™ epoxy WD shortboard
Sweet huh?

About Modern Vintage Collection

The Modern Vintage collection is about perfecting the classic shapes and construction methods used since the dawn of modern surfing in the 60’s and 70’s.

We use classic templates and ideas and incorporate modern knowledge and materials to make sure every board is as good as it possibly can be.

We shape what we want to ride, we shape as if every board was our own.

Every board in the Modern Vintage collection is a custom, the boards on the rack are not your every day stock surfboards, they are inividual one off’s with custom glass and tint jobs and custom shapes with individual flair.

The models shown here are a staring point and are always evolving, new tints, new inlays, new shapes, new feelings……its all classic, beautiful and fun!

We make  each board to last with nothing but the best foam, resin and glass in our factory at Kirra, QLD. or With exactly the same materials in Kuta, Bali