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MM Monster Mullet

Easy Paddling Big Guys Modfish.

The Monster Mullet is a monster performer – All the attributes of a performance shortboard with the paddleability of a longboard! Volume forward, a double concave driving water back through the fins, double flyer and a fish tail give this board the speed and manouverability of a much smaller board.

This board is ideal for the older surfer who wants to stick with shortboarding for maneuverability but wants the paddle power of a mal, we have heaps of happy customers on the points and beach breaks of the Goldy who swear by Dave’s Monstor!

Its also the perfect board for a surfer looking to take the next step down in size from their mini mal, longboard or learner who wants to get straight into shortboarding.

Here is a review from Nathan, The Monstor Mullet was his first Diverse board but not his last!…..

I just wanted to send you an email with my experience with the Mullet fish. It’s written so you can use it as a product review if you want.

I’m seriously stoked with your boards Dave.  It’s awesome to see a shaper invent something different. These boards are packet with the secrets of a shaper that are screaming to be discovered by the surfer.
This year back in June 2012; I came to Diverse and had a chat with Justin. He showed me a few boards and I liked the Mullet as it suited my surfing abilities at the time. I was riding a 7.6 mini mal and was ready to move to the next level. Justin guided me to a Mullet and went through all the pros and cons of the board… easy paddling, good volume, wave machine etc.
Eight weeks later I bought a 44 liter 6.10 x 21 ¼ x 2 ? Monster Mullet. I took it out on a 2-3ft day and it was awesome, it was everything that Justin said it would be. It allowed me to surf waves that I wanted to surf. I mostly surf beach breaks, as they’re not crowed as much as the points, plus they’re fun! It paddled extremely well and got me into the waves early and my wave count tripled. The beautiful thing about this board is when I wanted to turn sharp or hit a section with speed; this board could do it, especially smashing the pocket doing a reo!
I had the Monster Mullet for 4 months and I rode it 3-4 times a week. My surfing ability progressed and so did my fitness.  I was at the stage where I wanted more from the board so I came to the store and had a chat with Dave. After chatting with Dave and Ross I walked out with a new 39 liter 6.6 x 20 ¼ x 2 ¾ Magic Mullet. If it weren’t for the 50% guarantee trade in on new boards with in the first 12 months of purchase I probably wouldn’t have purchased the new board so quickly.
Dave knew exactly what level I was at and understood what I needed. Dave picked out my new board from the Dynocore Magic Mullet quiver and said that’ll do you for 6-12 months. He said ride the quads for 6 months then put on the thrusters to experience a different board and come back to me once you’ve progressed and we’ll look at another board for you.
I took the new Magic Mullet out on a southerly 2-4 ft day. My first wave I caught was a solid 3ft wave. The board slipped into the wave with ease and raced down the line like a raging bull. It paddles really well; it allows you to get in early with stability. It’s very responsive, light to maneuver and it has this amazing spring to it. The board duck dives well due to less volume and most of all it’s a wave magnet.  I had a quad setup, which gave me more speed down the line to bet the closing sections, and it allowed me to drop-in late (chasing barrels) and to take on tighter turns in the pocket.
See the guys at Diverse; they’ll set you up with the right gear under your feet. I spent months researching boards and I’m happy with my decisions. If your looking for durability, functionality and personal progression, get a Diverse Dynocore board, get dialed in.

Nathan Gittins

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