TS Mini Simmons

A Diverse look at the Mini Simmons shape 

This board came about in early 2005 after dave was inspired by a young American shaper by the name of Ian Zamora to read “Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls” and give the twinny developed by Robert (Bob) Simmons in the late 40?s a try.

The Simmons has taken off since then especially in the last few years after Tyler Warren put them in the spotlight with his ‘bar of soap’ board and showed the masses how to surf them properly and how much fun they can be.

Since their rise in popularity most shapers have gone away from what makes these boards work so well by pulling in the tail and changing the outline and concave’s, we stay true to the original design features of hull entry into concave through the tail, straight rails line and fin’s placed right back and on the rails, this is how the Simmons shape works best.

This shape works so well and is so fun to ride because it is an all new experience on the wave, you will go faster than you ever have on a wave and because of the design you are doing the opposite of a conventional board and leaning forward to slow down and leaning back to speed up……lean back to speed up while you are turning!

You will do things on this board you didn’t think were possible, they catch heaps of waves and are not limited to small waves by any means, the speed you can obtain with great control is incredible!

Available as a twin fin or quad set up and best around the 5’0 to 5’6

Dynocore Mini Simmons 5’0

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This is a fairly new one cooked up in the Lab..


  • Hello Dave, My name is David Finnie I live at Norah Head Central Coast NSW,
    I have spend time in Estonia on the Baltic Sea twice a year visiting my children and have surfed there in wind wave conditions I want to take a Mini Simmons board over say 5 8 3inchs thick! I’m 85kg but this board needs to catch 1 to 2 feet wind waves so hence the extra thickness and possible constructed from Epoxy EPS foam for extra flotation and lightness. I know this board will work 100% and will allow me to tweak a few turns in very small waves. I took my JS Blak Box up there 5 years ago and got a few waves google surfing Estonia to see the type of waves I’m talking about, you will see me getting ready to surf on you tube, LOL. Your board brand is Diverse so that’s a good start!.
    I can get a local guy Kenny Gardener to build this board if your too busy.

    Kind regards,
    David Finnie
    04##########. . .

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