This range of boards are all about style and fun, each model is inspired by classic shapes and have been tuned over years of experimentation and refining. If you want a guaranteed smile after every surf then you have come to the right place.
Check out the models available below or browse what’s in stock on our online store.

Mini Simmons A Diverse look at the Mini Simmons shape
MC Mini Chopper
The modern version of the Simmons tweaked for the performance surfer
McBean McCoy inspired quad nugget thats super fast and loose
Twin Fin The classic traditional twin keel fish
TZ Twin Zippi A twin fin honed for modern surfing
DQ Quad Our super fast performance quad fish
MW Twin Martin Wright’s version of the traditional style MR super-twin.
SC Style Commander The modernised egg thats smooth and versitile
SG Single Fin An advanced single-fin with side bites that surfs so smooth
TH Tube Hunter Single Born on the Gold Coast points, bred for barrels
GM General Manager Modern mid length tracker style 2+1 for when its too big for a log
J-Lo Mid length fish/longboard hybrid



  • Hi Dave and Diverse team.

    It was really exciting and quite humbling to pick up the 6 10 SG that you had made for me Friday.
    The board truly looks beautiful and handles as described- great for the points and beach breaks
    The fin setup does give excellent hold but is still fluid and loose as needed, particularly coming down from a longboard.
    If I can get a photo of the board in action I will send it in.

    thanks again


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