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Asher Pacey test’s the Dynocre Racing Mullet for Waves magazine

[vimeo] We sent Asher a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Racing Mullet dynocore with 25 litres for him to ride around Indo for the Waves board test. As you can see he its ripping on the thing in all conditions, from 2 foot sloppy ones to 5 foot reef wedges. Th Racing […]

bali Bali Surfing Diverse diverse surf Dynocore Dynocore™ differences epoxy high performance Indo mullet new board quad test drive

Asher Pacey rates the Dynocore Racing Mullet

Asher tested the Racing Mullet in Indo recently for the Waves board test, here is what he had to say; This board is epoxy, its really light and got a couple of crazy features. The deck’s scooped out and there’s a slight concave under your front foot. Having no stringer, you can kinda feel it […]

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Just in Time to Travel…

[vimeo 39241924] Justin and a few of the boys pack the logs and shorties and head to West Java and score some fun rights. Shot over 3 days and featuring Justin, Phil, Tbone and local ripper and and new Mod-Vin rider Menchos who is also Asia’s number 1 longboarder. Boards featured are the 9,7 green […]

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Nice Bali Action on A Dynocore™ by Hayden Welch

Hayden Welch is a 17 y/o gromment who blows the back out a lot of waves.. here he is on a five month old Dynocore in Bali a couple weeks ago…

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Dynocore™ action in Bali

Mattia Morri has been testing out a Dynocore™ for us in Bali. heres some nice pics by Nicole Gozzer..

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Bali Action

Dru And Angie just spent a few days in Bali with surf photographer Simon Muirhead.. heres a couple gems! anyone thirsty?