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When is a fish a fish?

When someone comes into the store and says ‘i want a fish’ what ensues is a 10 minute conversation about what is a fish is these days? What Craig Anderson rides is a fish to the staunch shortboarder, and to a retro man it is a high performance thruster with a bit of resin art? […]

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I dont need to say anything about these boards, the pic says it all!

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Asher Pacey test’s the Dynocre Racing Mullet for Waves magazine

[vimeo] We sent Asher a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Racing Mullet dynocore with 25 litres for him to ride around Indo for the Waves board test. As you can see he its ripping on the thing in all conditions, from 2 foot sloppy ones to 5 foot reef wedges. Th Racing […]

bali Bali Surfing Diverse diverse surf Dynocore Dynocore™ differences epoxy high performance Indo mullet new board quad test drive

Asher Pacey rates the Dynocore Racing Mullet

Asher tested the Racing Mullet in Indo recently for the Waves board test, here is what he had to say; This board is epoxy, its really light and got a couple of crazy features. The deck’s scooped out and there’s a slight concave under your front foot. Having no stringer, you can kinda feel it […]

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Quads for Power… Tahiti Pro Finals all Quads

On tahiti this week it was great to see the pros really starting to understand quad fin boards now, I remember the shock when Danny Fuller used a quad a Tehopu WCT about 4 years ago.. Kelly has been trailblazing away for a few years on them but its good to see some of the […]

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Modern-Vintage x Dynocore

This is the newest creation out of the factory for testing,  a Modern-Vintage/Dynocore performance Simmons. Normally we keep the Dynocore technology for the performance shortboards as the flex and liveliness suits them better, and for the reto boards we stick with the traditional 6oz glass job to give them some weight and feel. However lately […]

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THE POINTS TURN ON AND OUT COME THE RETRO’S The Diverse 5’11 DQ Quad Fish was the choice on weapon for the fast carvable walls at the Superbank . It went like a little red rocket. Yuan Carlos Medina took the shot from icy shore line.

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DQ quad feed back from a trip to Indo

Hi Dave n Crew Just to say thanks for all! back from a dream trip to the Mentawai’s, fun times on my DQ got me in n out so many waves, it just loved the Indo perfection 🙂 Can’t wait to give my custom Sprint ago Cheers Mick St Clair NOTE TO ALL..This board is […]