Dynocore offers a Unique alternative to the Popular Firewire and Fibreflex Boards.

The Unique 3d Glassing process of the board creates the structural integrity of the board as a whole. (With Dynocores the top and bottom of the board is glassed at the same time and contains several space age fibres in combination.) Rather than rely upon the Stringer, outer carbon or balsa rails to give it strength. The most common damage to surfboards is on the rails, if you get a big rail chop on a board that relies on the rail structure for its dynamics.. your boards useful performance life is done..

But not with a Dynocore™ your good to go!


  • I can just imagine the design and details that goes into every board that you manufacture. Do you customize a design of your board for every customer or you design each board of what you already have. It’s good to know that each board has a great quality material. This way surfers will focus more on the waves.

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