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Posted By : Dave Verrall
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Diverse Experimentation Continues

So we are always open to trying new things at Diverse. You know that already.. a couple months ago we were approached by the distributors of Amorim Cork to try some of their composite Cork in our Laminating machine.  Over the silly season we have been too busy to show you some of our progress. Well here is a few, i will try upload some pics from our recent trip to the Solomon Islands. we have found the cork to add very little weight (200gm) and even more low speed impact resistance. Cork is a very eco material. Its amazing how its made.

The all important Material property is Dampening. This shows thru in choppy surf and is a really big help to making semi guns, Guns, Longboards and big guys boards work really well in Dynocore construction with the addition of Cork. So this has been another huge leap forward in making boards work for varieties of conditions and Surfers.