longboard Whats Hot Right Now

Theres a new NoseRider in the House…

The NR Model has had some tweaking over the last few months and here is some of the fruits of that fun…

Dynocore Movie Team Tech

Dynocore and Corktop Footage

Luke Barrett just brought in a quick edit of him self surfing his Dynocore Sonic pro 5’8 and his DM Machine 5’9.. both look like they are working well for him…

girls longboarding

Jess Roberts Longboarding in the Maldives


Diverse Modern Vintage Custom Board Covers

Dave’s wife Tae has been busy on the sewing machine designing up some really cool one of a kind fashion Custom board covers. Here is a quick peek of the kind of things that are available to you. The ability to custom order a cover to suit your board is now here…

longboards modern vintage resin art

Lest we forget…. Custom Surfboard Shapers

Here is a new Longboard for one of our early morning Soldiers of Surf….

resin art Whats Hot Right Now

Fresh Resin joy in the works…

Some happy looking customers waiting for their piece of joy this week… and we are happy to spread the BoardLove cheer… now that i have spoiled their surprise of colour choices!


Point Breaks overload…. Get more waves with Special FX

Nice Swells coming thru at the moment and a great time to be testing out different board shapes.. Here is Barrista extroadinare Oliver Shaw making the most of his Test drive on our 5’2 Felix Demo, Cheers to Geoff Fanning for the pics..

competition diverse surf japan

Diverse Japanese Cup 2012 Sunday April 22nd Flatrock Tugun Beach

heat draw , schedule and regulations below

Isaac Paddon longboard modern vintage noserider

Walk on in for the ride that you will remember…

Take a Walk on your favourite point break with a nose rider


Nice Day for a Wave

These shots are in the solomon islands