10'1" longboard modern vintage

Modern Vintage magic in the works…

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Long Corktop

So, I have been developing the Corktop™ steadily learning the pros and cons , trying to get a really great finish and really enjoying the benefits. Jason Blewitt our longboard team rider with 3 Aussie titles and tonnes of experience on the world longboard tour has been Hassling me to get the longboard build process […]

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What would your approach be?

So.. if you had to make a modern surfboard and you had to start from scratch using nothing you could buy from a common surf blank factory like Burfords or South Coast foam. Where would you start? The board build has to be commercially viable. The board has to perform better and be more durable than […]

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Dynocore™ Corktop™ quick test ride

Dylan Oleary went down to the beach today to shoot a clip… he came back with a short show for us of Diverse Team Rider Kenta Ishikawa testing out a Dynocore™ Corktop™..

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Dynocore Wooden Tow-boards in Deep South

James Hollmer Cross is a power junkie.. he craves the wave most of us would love to watch but not go.. cold water and offshore winds with large swells.. His chosen Tow board thats now been in constant action for at least 4 years… made with Dynocore Principles and an early version of our technology…


Cork top Dynocore

Corktop™s in the wild….