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When is a fish a fish?

When someone comes into the store and says ‘i want a fish’ what ensues is a 10 minute conversation about what is a fish is these days?

What Craig Anderson rides is a fish to the staunch shortboarder, and to a retro man it is a high performance thruster with a bit of resin art?

So in the pic below is what we get asked about when talking about fishes, there are shortboard’s that are fishy, but these things are still 100% more fishy than a thruster with a swallow tail will ever be!

The first outline you will know is a pretty standard style fish, this one is our DQ so it is actually a quad performance fish that is a little more refined than our twin fish. This is the board you want if you are riding shortboard’s and want to experience the free speed and flow of a traditional fish, without having to nurse certain turns like a twinny.

The next is your pod style board, this one is our version called the McBean, its super fast and super loose! A real handful but a lot of fun if you are used to riding proper fish boards. The curvy rail through the tail mean it turns on a very tight arc and holds on through a turn by the fins and not the rail, so once you know exactly how hard you can push before you lets go you can get that controlled slide happening at will. (just ask Ross at the shop about this, he is mastering the art of sliding a McBean at the moment!)

The last one is the Mini Simmons shape, real fast and a good turner as you can lay it on a rail or pivot off the corner and fins. This is my pick as it is more predictable and you can do full rail turns on a board that gets to top speed with minimal effort. (full speed on one if these things is like warp speed compared to a thruster, I broke my nose by hitting the water at full speed last year!)

We have a demo of each of these boards in the shop so come and compare for your self, we ride these boards regularly and love to debate on exactly witch board is better for different of conditions or different riders, come and get involved.



P.S this is just the way i see it so if you feel differently let me know, im always ready to learn or be proved wrong!

Its time to say goodbye the the green machine

This is me crying (im obviously not a very good actor) because my beloved green 9’6 noserider is up for sale.

Its been my go-to board for the last 12 months, has been to Java and on countless roadtrips and has never done me wrong.

This board goes amazing on the nose and teaches you how to surf a traditional log properly. If you treat it right it will keep on a wave till there is no water left in front of you, it picks up any bump in the ocean and extends every ride due to its amazing flow through the water.

Up for sale for $950 shipped to your door, if you are looking for a proper log I guarantee this is the board!


Asher Pacey test’s the Dynocre Racing Mullet for Waves magazine

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/49657363]

We sent Asher a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Racing Mullet dynocore with 25 litres for him to ride around Indo for the Waves board test.

As you can see he its ripping on the thing in all conditions, from 2 foot sloppy ones to 5 foot reef wedges.

Th Racing Mullet our most popular and most versatile short board, and works even better in the Dynocore construction. It gives you that spring in and out of turns that he is talking about, you surf faster and with more power because every bit of force you put into the board on a bottom turn or pump down the line you get back from the flex in the board when it springs back.

Its an amazing feeling, so if you haven’t tried it yet make sure you drop into the store and take Asher’s board or one of the other demo boards out for a surf and see for your self.

Asher Pacey rates the Dynocore Racing Mullet

Asher tested the Racing Mullet in Indo recently for the Waves board test, here is what he had to say;

This board is epoxy, its really light and got a couple of crazy features. The deck’s scooped out and there’s a slight concave under your front foot. Having no stringer, you can kinda feel it spring you in and out of turns and I think thats definitely a positive thing. My first surf on this board was in kinda small conditions but it was actually really wedgey and punchy, so I could pick up a few things out of that surf. One was that it sprung out of turns really well. It felt really positive and lively and thats normally something I look for in a good, fun short board. I think it would probably be suited to more general beach breaks in Australia, where you wants to get a bit more out of your surf. Its a high performance board, I’ve got no doubts about that, and its got some features that really serve their purpose. 

Asher was surfing a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Dynocore Racing mullet with 25 liters, its one of our most popular shapes for someone looking for a good all round shortboard. Its a great beach break groveler and lights up when put in good conditions. Combine this with the extra durability, spring and speed you get out of turns from the Dynocore construction and you can see why we cant keep up with the demand for this particular model.

The board Asher rode will be available in store for demo for the next few months, so come and take it for a ride and see for yourself what the hype is all about, once you feel that extra spring from a turn you wont go back to your standard board, guaranteed!

Modern-Vintage x Dynocore

This is the newest creation out of the factory for testing,  a Modern-Vintage/Dynocore performance Simmons.

Normally we keep the Dynocore technology for the performance shortboards as the flex and liveliness suits them better, and for the reto boards we stick with the traditional 6oz glass job to give them some weight and feel.

However lately I have been riding a board that I found amongst the pile of Dave’s experimentation’s, a performance quad Mini Simmons that was made a few years ago before the boom of the Simmons and it has blown me away! The Simmons is known as a small wave board but this thing is foiled out and goes best when the waves get big, long and hollow.

So the next step was to recreate this magic performance Simmons in Dynocore to push it even further, and this is what we have come up with. I took it to Straddie yesterday and got a few sucky shoulder high drainers and it did exactly what I wanted it to, getting in early, making speed out of nothing and sitting in the pocket perfectly.

This is a demo so if you want to see how it goes drop into the store, steal it off me and take it for a spin.

Riding a Mini simmons with Alex Knost….

Check out Al doing his thing on a Mini Simmons, he may put a bit too much jive into his surfing for some people but this clip is a good example of how the Simmons shape works, heaps of free speed without effort and so loose you can push a turn out with about 1/3 of the power you would use on a conventional board…..A real challenge and soooo much fun!

@diversesurf there is #nolimits to #future #tech the #mph #evolves #hpshortboard #surfing

 @diversesurf there is #nolimits to #future #tech the #mph #evolves #hpshortboard #surfing

Dave is at it again cooking up some new shapes and innovations for your enjoyment.

Straight out of the machine, the new Felix with shaped in tail pad, step deck and foot wells!
This is a 4’10 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8 with 23.4 liters! that means if you are 70kg this is the board for you!

Dynocork in G-Land

Check out some shots we just got sent from a happy customer testing his new Dynocore cork-top DK Quad at the all mighty G-Land.
As you can tell from the smile on his face in shot 3 he is a happy man!

The performance and extra flex of Dynocore with the smooth feeling you get from the cork-top mean this board is at home on the beaches of the GC or in pumping Indo slabs.

If you want more info on the new technology and feel you get from these boards get in touch with the guys at the shop today.

New shape Style Commander

The famous Diverse Style Commander has got a new vibe.


The original SC was more of a micro mal and had its place in the line up but had its limitations also. With the new updates we have opened it up to a wider range of surfing styles and wave types.

The smoother wider nose and fuller rail up front has it entering waves early and flowing off the front foot while the double concave, rounded squash tail with hard edge gives the feel of a retro board with the responsiveness of a modern hybrid shorty.

Retro stylists will love the smooth mid-length flow this board gets from the soft rocker entry and soft rails forward of the fins when set up as a 2+1 or single fin, while the performance surfer will have speed to burn and all the forgiveness in the world when set up as a quad and surfed off your back foot.

This one pictured is the first one available for sale so if your keen get in touch with us quick  because it is a thing of beauty in the flesh.