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Its time to say goodbye the the green machine

This is me crying (im obviously not a very good actor) because my beloved green 9’6 noserider is up for sale. Its been my go-to board for the last 12 months, has been to Java and on countless roadtrips and has never done me wrong. This board goes amazing on the nose and teaches you […]

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Sargent Trim’s new stripes

The noserider model also known as Sargent Trim has gone through some updates over the last few months. We updated the shape at the start of the year and have been making a few for the staff, team riders and good customers who were keen to be part of the evolution of the board,  try […]

diverse surfboards modern vintage Whats Hot Right Now

If you can surf it we make it

A collage of a few boards we had laying around…..Diverse by name diverse by nature.

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Fresh SG ready to be a Widowmaker….

This is one fine dandy SG, fresh resin work by Dave and Ryan… 6’2 x 21 1/2 x 2 11/16.. diamond tail. one nice ride!

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Lest we forget…. Custom Surfboard Shapers

Here is a new Longboard for one of our early morning Soldiers of Surf….

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Dynocore Epoxy Longboard testing

Jasons feedback as a 3 times australian champion is very usefull in dialling in the performance of our Longboard project. Longboards have completely different flex requirements to performance short boards.

Tech Info

State of the art Flex with all new material technology

Ever had the board that  gave you feelings of being alive, so responsive you felt like you could put it anywhere on the wave you wanted? I bet it didnt  last long, broken on a big set paddling out or deck so golfballed it creased after 2 weeks. Traditionally we had to glass boards with […]