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The Dagger duo

A little while ago I realised I was getting very single minded about logging, I wanted to be on the nose all the time, for the most amount of time possible.
This was fine while we were refining the Sgt. Trim noserider as it is all about getting on the nose…..but I found myself getting greedy and not doing anything else.

I went to Dave and told him about an idea I had for a board that encourages all round logging…..we came up with the Dagger.

Its got elements in there for noseriding and others for flow and turn-ability but doesn’t compromise one for the other.

The slightly pulled in outline and tail shape encourage smooth rail transitions and a shorter turning radius, this would normally detract from the trim and noseriding ability as it has less tail and nose area than you would normally want from a good nose rider.
To counteract this we put a deep concave on the deck of the tail, flattened the rocker out substantially in the front 3/4 of the board, and given it a parallel rail through the middle.

All these things combined with the usual ingredients to make a good log, 50/50 rails throughout, hulled bottom and heavy glass job mean this board is happy doing everything.

The first incarnation of the Dagger was pretty good, it encouraged all round surfing in good waves, not greedy noseriding, it forced you to set up a noseride with a good bottom turn or high line, and once you got it in a steep pocket it lifted and kept you perched on the nose for as long as the wave stayed hollow.

This second one has a little more rail volume for forgiveness and should go better in smaller waves.

The first Dagger is for sale now so get in touch with us if your after a good all-rounder and watch out over Christmas for the new Dagger at Rainbow and The Pass getting a good workout.