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When is a fish a fish?

When someone comes into the store and says ‘i want a fish’ what ensues is a 10 minute conversation about what is a fish is these days?

What Craig Anderson rides is a fish to the staunch shortboarder, and to a retro man it is a high performance thruster with a bit of resin art?

So in the pic below is what we get asked about when talking about fishes, there are shortboard’s that are fishy, but these things are still 100% more fishy than a thruster with a swallow tail will ever be!

The first outline you will know is a pretty standard style fish, this one is our DQ so it is actually a quad performance fish that is a little more refined than our twin fish. This is the board you want if you are riding shortboard’s and want to experience the free speed and flow of a traditional fish, without having to nurse certain turns like a twinny.

The next is your pod style board, this one is our version called the McBean, its super fast and super loose! A real handful but a lot of fun if you are used to riding proper fish boards. The curvy rail through the tail mean it turns on a very tight arc and holds on through a turn by the fins and not the rail, so once you know exactly how hard you can push before you lets go you can get that controlled slide happening at will. (just ask Ross at the shop about this, he is mastering the art of sliding a McBean at the moment!)

The last one is the Mini Simmons shape, real fast and a good turner as you can lay it on a rail or pivot off the corner and fins. This is my pick as it is more predictable and you can do full rail turns on a board that gets to top speed with minimal effort. (full speed on one if these things is like warp speed compared to a thruster, I broke my nose by hitting the water at full speed last year!)

We have a demo of each of these boards in the shop so come and compare for your self, we ride these boards regularly and love to debate on exactly witch board is better for different of conditions or different riders, come and get involved.



P.S this is just the way i see it so if you feel differently let me know, im always ready to learn or be proved wrong!