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  1. Hi Dave,
    I am having a blast on the 7’x22x23/4 GM.
    Been considering them for 18 months and only sorry i didn’t grab one earlier.
    This board is all i need to fill the gap between my short performance board and my log.
    I surfed it yesterday at a semi secret NZ river mouth right, 2-3′, just me and a friend and got an enormous wave count.
    Many thanks for your passion for producing great boards right across the range.
    My first Diverse but definitely won’t be my last.



  2. Hi Dave,
    I just wanted to pass on my stoke with the 6’2″ ‘What’s Next’ you made for me earlier this year. It’s the best board I’ve had in a long time and has gone well in everything I’ve tried it in.


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