Shorter Wider boards are the best for enjoyable surfing by us everyday surfers.

We make a wide range of incredibly good semi fish boards known by us as Mullets. These have been breeding and growing in the diverse fish tank of models for decades.

RM Racing Mullet A full outline fishy round tail shortboard that goes off in all conditions.
The Favourite Classic keeper
Vintage Mullet like my old stuff better than my new stuff?
MM Magic Mullet The beach break fish that is fast, loose and slides tail easy.
MM Monster Mullet easy paddling big guys mod fish
DQ Quad Fish The quad fin board that takes retro fishes to the next level
TZ Twin Zippi A Twin fin honed for modern surfing.
BB Boad Bean Maximum paddle power in an egg style shortboard.
McB McBean Fat fun for everyone
DK Performance Quad High performance quad fin shortboard
FX Felix The crazy concoction set to replace the performance shortboard.

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