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Dave Can be Contacted in Australia on +61419246595 or in Bali on +6281237368771 as he travels regularly between there and here. SMS is best to Avoid Roaming charges

if you want to look up Dave when your on vacation in Indo email for a appointment…

For customs for Australia.  Still contact

For ready made boards we have  here waiting for you

Sideways Surf Outlets on the Gold Coast Stock Racing Mullets, Garden Variety Shortboards , Mr Comforts and SG models along with Modern Vintage Longboards Made in Indo now at a really reasonable Price…

Diverse Tugun Store old location was taken over by by Primitive Surf from Brisbane… but its now closed…

5 thoughts on “Contact us 4 info

  1. Hi, im a +110kg 45yr old who’s been surfing a 9’6″ mal for past 15yrs. I haven’t been able to surf much more than a couple of times a month and typically a solid week once a year on holidays, during that time. I’m a pretty active guy who exercises 5-7 times a week
    Recently I’ve been making time to surf a couple of times a week.
    Id like to get a shorter board so I have an option other than the 9’6″ for different days and breaks.
    I surf for the relaxation and exercise. I dont want to have to re learn how to surf all over again, if moving to a shorter board means that’s what I’ll have to do. I’m fine with “getting used to” something different, but if moving to a shorter board means more work than fun, then I might just be stuck with only my 9’6″.
    Your Monster Mullet looks like the sort of board I should be considering.
    Wondering if you think you could confidently make me one that would give me something close to the paddling ease of my 9’6″ but with the versitility of a shorter board, that would have me getting plenty of waves and enjoying my surfing?
    Just looking for honest advice. If its not possible, then I’ll consider something else. I don’t want to spend money on something I’ll likely hate and wont use.

  2. Hi, I was hoping if you could provide a quote on board and paint design no 515. Also, what level of skill is needed for the board illustrated (515)? Thanks! TV

  3. Where else can I buy your surf board? Or do we just order from your shop and then you’ll make it. I was wondering as well if I can send my own design so that you can customize my own board. By the way, how long will you design and make a single board because I want to get one as a gift for my brother.

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