The Pig is all about style, 60s inspired with modern foils for all-round log riding with flair.

This board has it all covered, curvy hips around your back foot allow smooth turns and rail transfers you wouldn’t expect from an old style pig, while the full roll throughout the bottom keep the trim flowing on all parts of the wave.

This log is meant to be surfed from tail to tip, perfect for the points with sections or glassy beach breaks. Set up a section and get to the nose and be blown away by how well it hangs back in the pocket flowing with the speed of the wave.

Available with fin box or glass on hand foiled wooden D-fin.
Suggested sizing 9’1 to 10’1 and at least 23 x 3


  • Hi,
    I am interested in the Pig model. I am after a good noserider and I have watched your video of Pig vs Noserider. I was at your shop some months ago when you had a 9’6′ volan noserider in stock and cork veneer noserider that you offered for me to have a surf on. I did not have time to take up your offer of a surf on the day but have not forgotten the boards. But now that I have seen the Pig video I recall riding those boards about ’65 and ’66 and they really did hang in the pocket and not outrun slow waves when noseriding, they were a lot of fun. I am a friend of Ron Silcocks living in the Ballina area and I am impressed by Ron’s noserider and considered placing an order for one like his for me, we are similar weight and height, but now I am curious about a pig instead. Do you have a demo pig I could have a surf on? I surf regularly and have boards of various lengths over 9′.
    Thanks, Brian Delaney

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