Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best!
Thats what we do. Let us introduce the most advanced engineered composite surfboard to date. Spring , flex , durability… we have it all in your hands now!
Made custom and in both performance models and in fun everyday shapes.

What is Dynocore?


  It’s enduring.
The multiple layered one shot glass job means the structural integrity of the board is the whole glass job, its not just depenent on any single component as a stringer, balsa rail, carbon rail, or wood veneer.

Engineered flex return.
Just like a Pro’s lightweight board every turn loads the board up, then it gives back as much as you put in – so the harder you push the more you get back.

  New materials not found in the surf industry.
Composite fibers used in Dynocore are not what you find at your local shaper’s shop, each layer of composite fibers used has a specific feature that when combined produce a light, strong, flexible feeling board With perfect dampening.

  Hydrophobic, high density foam.
Tight fused cell EPS repels water unlike other epoxy boards, we like it so much we tried one not even glassed and it still surfed well. It floats 10 to 15% better than standard foam so you can surf a smaller board that performs better.

We never set out to make a unbreakable board, or one that does not dent. We just wanted a board that had amazing performance, was good value and that would last..

  Eco friendly.
These boards last longer than anything out there and are locally made in Australia with local materials and local knowledge. The construction process eliminates excess waste and toxins leaking into your atmosphere – and into our staff

  Shapes and technology honed over 20 years.
Diverse has been honing its model line up with team riders and world champs for a long time. Ask us what size you need, we pioneered the public use of volume measurements for surfboards. Work with us on your next board and see what else we are pioneering for your benefit!

Check out the range of Dynocore shapes available in the categories below….

Fish and fun
Performance shortboards
Serious size surf 

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