Diverse now provide Digital artwork for your custom board. Heres the first installment from Crazy Artist Ben Everett. The art will cost you an extra $100aud over your board price. Ben Gets a Royalty from every print we do! The artwork is applied in different processes depending of the construction and finish of your board! Click on each pic to see it bigger & also the print order name

About Ben Everett
Ben Everett is a professional artist from Melbourne that grew up surfing the Bass Coast. He has worked as an illustrator and editor for over ten years, and is currently working in animation, graphic design, illustration and teaching.
Ben also produces board graphics, design and video for a Mount Hotham based snowboard company named “Bomb Snowboards”. When he’s not surfing or working you’ll find him in the Alps of Oz and NZ, sidewalk surfing, or making strange music is his apartment. Ben can be contacted on gonesurfing78@gmail.com for one off custom orders and ideas.

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