Choosing or Creating Art for your new board is a fun process.. we have lots of art to choose from. We have organised it into a single large Gallery and several smaller Gallerys.

Resin Art.. One of unique resin coloured boards.. a good guide of whats possible

Pinline Art.. Generally classic or discreet stuff

Erotica Art.. Boards with Girls on them

B&W Art.. black and white… not much colour there

Traditional Art.. Common art seen regularly Worldwide.

Pop Art… Popular art from daily sources..

We Also Have Designer series where Artist can Submit 12 or more designs and get paid a royalty each time someone orders their work on a board.. You can send some in and join the list..

Ben Everett..

Liam Elgey…

or you can Submit your own art…
Surfboards are a generally 4:1 in height to width ratio & 5:1 for Longboards. Please keep this in mind when you design your own artwork for your Surfboard. Also allow for the nose and Tail being narrower.
Please use these Submission Guidelines

JPEG: 300dpi at minimum 1/3 actual size of board.
AI: text outlined at minimum 1/3 actual size of board
EPS: 300dpi with text outlined at minimum 1/3 actual size of board
PSD: 300dpi with layers flattened at minimum 1/3 actual size of board
Happy Designing!

If you would like some templates in PDF for designing the board art try here..


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