The Tasty is the shorter wider short board that everybody wants!

The compact plain shape lets it fit in tighter positions on the wave and shortens turning radius. Fuller nose and tail template along with fuller rails mean it gets up and goes and is very forgiving when landing airs or spinning out of manoeuvres, but the thinned out tail rails and rear end foil mean it turns hard and can be relied upon in the bigger days when surfing on the face. The Simple bottom shape is designed to maintain speed in the pocket and on the face yet be consistent and forgiving in all conditions.

Tastier, Tasty
New Fresh Tastes
The wider rounded square works for all conditions but can be ordered with a round tail for hollower waves and tighter arc’s, or a diamond tail for the beachies and fat waves.

The 5 fin combo lets you have 2 boards in one, as a thruster it will slide the tail and make speed in junky waves and as a quad it will hold all the way through a turn and hold and flow down the line on bigger days.


Heres an average recommendation of sizes for our stock range..

Stock Sizes
Standard Sizes for the Tasty V2


  • I have been riding Dave’s boards for around 6 – 7 years now I think. And for the last 3 – 4 the WD plan shape has been pretty much what I have been sticking to. I think it perfectly suits Gold Coast waves, with a fuller nose and tail it has a little extra bouyancy to get through flat sections whilst still being a high-performance option.

    Dave got me onto a Dynocore WD’s about 12 months ago. I tried a demo and it felt like my old boards but had a little extra spark that I couldn’t quite place my finger on. It was enough to warrant me ordering one however. As they are slightly more bouyant, we were able to drop the width and thickness down a little to give it a similar feel volume wise.

    The Dynocores makes the board feel more alive, they flexes and push you out of turns with as much speed, if not more, than you had at the start. There is noticeably more pop in the Dynocore construction and I find it much easier to get them out of the water, above the lip, throw the tail etc.

    I do still ride PU boards, however when I get on my Dynocores, there is still that feeling of them being more ‘alive’ and it feels like I surf fast/more critical with one under my feet.

    I have two now, a WD and a Felix and more to come no doubt!

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