The Log Built for Extended Time on the Tip
The Sargent Trim Noserider model is all about trim and time perched on the nose.

Its got all the tried and tested ingredients to make a classic noserider, full nose with concave running until just forward of centre point, rolled bottom from midway through the tail, parallel rail line with slight hip, big chop tail and full 50/50 rails. The whole idea coming together to have lift and direction from the front half of the board and suction created by water running over the tail and creating downward pressure from the back half, this is the key to a good noserider!

Ridden with a big straight up hatchet fin this board will have you perched on the tip riding through steep sections, foam sections and flat spots. And jam your back foot on the tail to get that pivot turn happening to get you back into the right section to get back to the tip.

Available fro 8’2 to 12’1 but best at 9’4 or 9’6
For clean waves 1 to 3 foot.

Justin on his green 9’6 Sgt. Trim in Java, March 2012
[vimeo 39241924]

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