SC Style Commander


High performance and Longboards have one main Difference usually… Length!.. the Style commander has the length of the longboard taken away from the middle.. This Style adjustment takes cutbacks and bottom turns to a new level, easy to turn because of its Vee in the tail. You can ride this board short, but because of its dimensions and versatility. This board offers more stability than your normal shortboard. 

Retro stylists will love the smooth mid-length flow this board gets from the soft rocker entry and soft rails forward of the fins when set up as a 2+1 or single fin, while the performance surfer will have speed to burn and all the forgiveness in the world when set up as a quad and surfed off your back foot.

Scorpion bites taka
Smooth and classic
Takayama scorpion style
Setup your way

Style turns and fades, cheater 5’s, floaters, hacks and fin throws…..Do it all with style on the Style Commander. This is our recommended Sizes.







20 1/4

2 3/8



20 1/2

2 7/16



20 3/4

2 1/2




2 9/16



21 1/4

2 5/8



21 1/2

2 11/16



21 3/4

2 3/4




2 7/8



22 1/4

2 15/16



22 1/2




22 3/4

2 7/8



23 1/2

3 1/8


11 thoughts on “SC Style Commander

  1. Hi Dave,
    I surf irregularly(for a week every 2-3 months from northern NSW to Noosa) because I work in North Queensland. I usually ride McCoy nuggets (6’8 and 6’4) but am finding that even with the nice wave catching abilities of those boards I would like to get more waves during my irregular surfs. I am after a longer board with a bit of glide for mellow days and one that can also handle 3-4 ‘ beachies. I know that no board does everything well but after a mate put me onto your boards I was wondering if you think that your style commander 8’ could suit my purposes, or do you think another of your designs may be better? Look forward to hearing from you.
    PS: because I have to travel on planes with my boards the max length should not be much more than 8’6.

  2. Hi, Having surfed mals and a very floaty Waldon (72l) Mega Magic for a few years I’m looking for a cruisy shorter board for use in 2-3 ft beachies. My mates keep suggesting a fish style but I like the look of this shape what do you guys think? I’m 5’10″” and weigh 82-83 kilos, what size, shape do you think would suit me best?

    1. Hi Mate, this is a great combo board to handle many surf conditions.. very convertible fin setups too.. 6’2 or 6’4 ok for you or is that shorter than your comfortable with?

  3. Hi Dave ive bought a couple of short boards iff you previously when you were in Tugun and they were the bomb…great boards and as im hitting my 50s soon looking for a hybrid board. I vary in weight between 90 to 95kgs and am 6feet tall. Been surfing almost 40years. What size would you recommend and also can i get a funky rasta coloured paint red green black and yellow? What sort of cost am i looking at for custom paint job included?


  4. Great Board .. My wife bought me a 6`4 for Christmas.. i picked it .. Can be a real cruiser or surfed off the back foot loose and responsive .. Used to alternate between a mini mal and short board .. now its just the SC that gets thrown into the car . have surfed nearly every day since Christmas from the Spit to Nth NSW is everything from 1 foot to 3-4 foot and just keep enjoying this board… Nice hard glass job as well

  5. Hey there, what size of this board would you recommend for a 95kg guy looking for a micro wave board that picks up waves like a mal but manouvres a bit like like a shorty in 1-2ft stuff. Currently ride a 5’10 34L shortboard. Cheers

      1. thanks for the fast response. just checked out the store. dream board but unfortunatly 6’0(37L) is a bit bigger than i was lookin for. the search goes on.

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