Beginner Dynocore™ differences

The Shop Grom Goes Surfing

There is the Grom thats an instalment at our Tugun BoardLove Store… if you have been in over the last few months you no doubt have seen him cleaning off the wax or looking after the shops many little jobs.. Tai is only 10 years old and benefits from his Dad running the “Shit Coffee […]

Beginner travel

Giving some Boardlove to the Locals

Sarah Beardmore (current european champion) & Diverse decided to share some Surf fun with the locals giving them a board to teach the kids to surf on…  if you want to give some old boards to the kids there drop an email to Nick – Go Tours Travel <> .

Beginner new board

Beginners guide to purchasing a new surfboard

Beginners guide to choosing a surfboard Your first surfboard is an important decision. If you choose poorly without having the right advice, you may end up finding it difficult to progress for a long time or worse still giving up because you think it’s just too hard! Hopefully I can give you some pointers and […]