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Christmas Customs orders still open

Custom Surfboard Orders

From my earliest experiences making boards for my mates thru to spending afternoons in the Diverse store with clients i have always enjoyed, designing and creating unique custom boards for individual people. Over the years there has been some unique requests like 3’2 fish for a one y/o thru to multi layered resin art longboards or hi-tech composite performance eco boards.
Making the correct designed board and shape has become much easier these days with me being able to use software in front of you, avoiding the toxins and noisy environment of a factory full of half made craft. The Software also gives us a great reference point from your previous board to evolve that magic shape with your surfing ability.

I often hear the comment “I’m not good enough for a custom board”. Its understandable to a point today, as the quality of shelf boards and the wide range of models and sizes at Diverse have make it easy to “grab and go”. I don’t just make boards because I love it, Our higher purpose is to make the Ultimate surfboard for YOU.
Why settle for the standard? Is close enough really good enough? I firmly believe that i can make a few small tweaks on your next board to make it feel considerably better and take your surfing up another level.
The Art on your board can also make it unique and personal. I can take any kind of sketch, digital graphic or concept you have and build on it to make a prized piece of your own collection.
Custom Surfboards are not just for pro’s and elite surfers. You have the opportunity to dramatically improve your individual surfing experience for little or no extra cost than an average “off the shelf” board. Waiting time is minimal with approx 3 weeks from deposit to wax up time. If your living close by on the Gold Coast come surf with the guys in the Diverse Tugun shop, lets get some more insight into your surfing. Also the WWW makes it easier with Skype, Facebook or email to discuss things, and I have a couple of simple tools to help us get all the right info about your old board and surfing level etc. Make an appointment today for a one to one with

Modern-Vintage x Dynocore

This is the newest creation out of the factory for testing,  a Modern-Vintage/Dynocore performance Simmons.

Normally we keep the Dynocore technology for the performance shortboards as the flex and liveliness suits them better, and for the reto boards we stick with the traditional 6oz glass job to give them some weight and feel.

However lately I have been riding a board that I found amongst the pile of Dave’s experimentation’s, a performance quad Mini Simmons that was made a few years ago before the boom of the Simmons and it has blown me away! The Simmons is known as a small wave board but this thing is foiled out and goes best when the waves get big, long and hollow.

So the next step was to recreate this magic performance Simmons in Dynocore to push it even further, and this is what we have come up with. I took it to Straddie yesterday and got a few sucky shoulder high drainers and it did exactly what I wanted it to, getting in early, making speed out of nothing and sitting in the pocket perfectly.

This is a demo so if you want to see how it goes drop into the store, steal it off me and take it for a spin.

Dynocore™ test time

The long awaited public testing of Our Dynocore™ Surfboards starts on Sunday 6th march at Currumbin Alley Fish Fry. Bring your ID or some security to try out a whole bunch of new test Dynocores™ from Twin fins, Simmons, Single fins and most of all High Performance Shortboards. Chat with Gold Coast’s own Custom Shaper Dave Verrall about your own Dynocore™ epoxy Surfboard.

If you cant make it down on Sunday, please call in to Diverse Surf store at 476 Gold Coast Hwy, Tugun to make a booking on your favourite shape..