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2nd Place in the Byron Bay SurfShorts Film Festival…


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I dont need to say anything about these boards, the pic says it all!

custom Different Shapes Diverse diverse surfboards Dynocore Dynocore™ differences epoxy fish mini simmons modern vintage new board quad retro Simmons test board

Modern-Vintage x Dynocore

This is the newest creation out of the factory for testing,  a Modern-Vintage/Dynocore performance Simmons. Normally we keep the Dynocore technology for the performance shortboards as the flex and liveliness suits them better, and for the reto boards we stick with the traditional 6oz glass job to give them some weight and feel. However lately […]

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Riding a Mini simmons with Alex Knost….

Check out Al doing his thing on a Mini Simmons, he may put a bit too much jive into his surfing for some people but this clip is a good example of how the Simmons shape works, heaps of free speed without effort and so loose you can push a turn out with about 1/3 […]

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New General Manager at Diverse Tugun

haha, heres the latest corker… a 7’2 Gm with Printed Cork. made in Dynocore technology with full cork Skins. Just perfect for those days with too much sweep for a short board and too big for wielding around a full size log..

Different Shapes Dynocore epoxy jason blewitt longboard Tech

Dynocore Corktop Longboard in Action

I went up to Miami Beach this afternoon to shoot a few pics of the Dynocore Corktop HPJ longboard i had made for Jason Blewitt. Fun little waves with light off shores and a bit of WinterSun..

Different Shapes modern vintage Whats Hot Right Now

Volume is your friend with kandi on top!

Fresh foam with volume… a McBean and a Mini Chopper.

Different Shapes Dynocore™ differences jason blewitt longboard Tech Info

Long Corktop

So, I have been developing the Corktop™ steadily learning the pros and cons , trying to get a really great finish and really enjoying the benefits. Jason Blewitt our longboard team rider with 3 Aussie titles and tonnes of experience on the world longboard tour has been Hassling me to get the longboard build process […]

Different Shapes Diverse Dynocore™ differences epoxy Tech Tech Info

What would your approach be?

So.. if you had to make a modern surfboard and you had to start from scratch using nothing you could buy from a common surf blank factory like Burfords or South Coast foam. Where would you start? The board build has to be commercially viable. The board has to perform better and be more durable than […]

Different Shapes

Dynocore Tube Hunter 5’9 Single Fin

Now if ever there was a board you wanted to pack in your time machine to go back to the 70’s and sweep the competition off their feet it is this baby…