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Modern-Vintage x Dynocore

This is the newest creation out of the factory for testing,  a Modern-Vintage/Dynocore performance Simmons.

Normally we keep the Dynocore technology for the performance shortboards as the flex and liveliness suits them better, and for the reto boards we stick with the traditional 6oz glass job to give them some weight and feel.

However lately I have been riding a board that I found amongst the pile of Dave’s experimentation’s, a performance quad Mini Simmons that was made a few years ago before the boom of the Simmons and it has blown me away! The Simmons is known as a small wave board but this thing is foiled out and goes best when the waves get big, long and hollow.

So the next step was to recreate this magic performance Simmons in Dynocore to push it even further, and this is what we have come up with. I took it to Straddie yesterday and got a few sucky shoulder high drainers and it did exactly what I wanted it to, getting in early, making speed out of nothing and sitting in the pocket perfectly.

This is a demo so if you want to see how it goes drop into the store, steal it off me and take it for a spin.

Riding a Mini simmons with Alex Knost….

Check out Al doing his thing on a Mini Simmons, he may put a bit too much jive into his surfing for some people but this clip is a good example of how the Simmons shape works, heaps of free speed without effort and so loose you can push a turn out with about 1/3 of the power you would use on a conventional board…..A real challenge and soooo much fun!

Long Corktop

Dynocore Longboard
Almost Wax free surface

Corktop longboard

So, I have been developing the Corktop™ steadily learning the pros and cons , trying to get a really great finish and really enjoying the benefits.

Jason Blewitt our longboard team rider with 3 Aussie titles and tonnes of experience on the world longboard tour has been Hassling me to get the longboard build process dialled. Well, i made him one and a second one to do some testing with other guys like Dane Pioli and Oliver Shaw. Jason called me after the first couple days riding it and said ” that board is amazing, it goes unreal, its the best longboard i have ever had.. Full stop!”  nice I’m happy, So i finished the second one and took it in to the shop, it was constantly being mauled by eager beavers.. Oli Shaw doing some time next door at IRA shit hot coffee took it for a couple sessions.. he came back in going on and on .. “thats the best high performance longboard i have ever ridden!, it did vert snaps, it nose rode it did everything i wanted a short board and a longboard to do… i haven’t competed for 5 years but now i want to go in the Aussie titles comp and Kingscliff!, Can i borrow it for a few days”

I’m starting of think the guys are just buttering me up, you see, making the shaper feel good is an important psychological tool if you want good boards. Righto, i think I’m going to try it out. off to green mount with the family sunday morning, Send out the misses on the new cork top first, she is nervous, as she has only been riding longboards for a year. after a few waves she comes in Glowing, “that boards good, better than all the other ones i have been on, its so light and easy, the winds a bit strong but its fun”  Cmon, even my misses is on this act…?

Ok My go.. Short story now… it goes amazing.. smooth, fast, loose, light, stable… i am stoked. I’m not even supposed to be surfing with my knee injury.. I’m in pain now, but damn it was worth it, those cork top™ longboards are the best thing ever…. got to get it back to Oli for the comp…

What would your approach be?

Green Surfboard

So.. if you had to make a modern surfboard and you had to start from scratch using nothing you could buy from a common surf blank factory like Burfords or South Coast foam. Where would you start? The board build has to be commercially viable. The board has to perform better and be more durable than common boards board of today to be accepted. It has to be greener (Environment Friendly) and is has to be custom (made as an individual board with its own unique specs). It Has to be made local in Australia.

How long will this project take you? How much will this development cost?

I Know the answers to these questions… if you want to see the results and discuss my answers come in to our shop at Diverse Tugun.