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Its time to say goodbye the the green machine

This is me crying (im obviously not a very good actor) because my beloved green 9’6 noserider is up for sale. Its been my go-to board for the last 12 months, has been to Java and on countless roadtrips and has never done me wrong. This board goes amazing on the nose and teaches you […]

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New General Manager at Diverse Tugun

haha, heres the latest corker… a 7’2 Gm with Printed Cork. made in Dynocore technology with full cork Skins. Just perfect for those days with too much sweep for a short board and too big for wielding around a full size log..

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Brit Pop Cover..

Heres a Custom Modern Vintage DQ Quad board and Custom Cover for a likely Chap from the old Blighty.. Alright then Geezers time for a Cuppa! and for a spot of royalty Happy jubilee to the old Queen…

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Lest we forget…. Custom Surfboard Shapers

Here is a new Longboard for one of our early morning Soldiers of Surf….

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Fresh Resin joy in the works…

Some happy looking customers waiting for their piece of joy this week… and we are happy to spread the BoardLove cheer… now that i have spoiled their surprise of colour choices!

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Vernon Ahkee Diverse artist on Diverse Boards

Diverse Friend & artist Vernon Ahkee Current exhibition at the Gold Coast arts Centre featuring Diverse Surfboards and Dale Richards… go see it its on till 26th june at the Gold Coast arts Centre

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The Current Logo Choices

This is our current logo choices. please select the letter that relates to the logo positioning you like..