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2nd in the World.. not bad for a Tweed Heads Chick!

I have been enjoying making boards for Chelsea for the last couple years.. nice to see her enjoying them all. even tho she is the best long boarder in the world, she cannot leave her felix dynocore short board behind at home.. look in the background for the orange and purple board..

Diverse Team Girl Longboarder
Diverse Longboarders Chelsea Williams after the 2 highest scoring rides for the day…

the board you cannot leave at home..
the board no one can leave at home when you go on a surf trip

tiny waves to compete in for the world title…

Its time to say goodbye the the green machine

This is me crying (im obviously not a very good actor) because my beloved green 9’6 noserider is up for sale.

Its been my go-to board for the last 12 months, has been to Java and on countless roadtrips and has never done me wrong.

This board goes amazing on the nose and teaches you how to surf a traditional log properly. If you treat it right it will keep on a wave till there is no water left in front of you, it picks up any bump in the ocean and extends every ride due to its amazing flow through the water.

Up for sale for $950 shipped to your door, if you are looking for a proper log I guarantee this is the board!