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If you can surf it we make it

A collage of a few boards we had laying around…..Diverse by name diverse by nature.

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Renovate, Restore or Reproduce?

Make your board a Real Modern Vintage.. That Poses a Question, if you have an old favourite board thats worth too much to you to keep surfing, or you just don’t want to damage it anymore. What would you do? Here is What Matt Did. He came in on a saturday, spent some time with […]

longboard resin glassing

Fresh SG ready to be a Widowmaker….

This is one fine dandy SG, fresh resin work by Dave and Ryan… 6’2 x 21 1/2 x 2 11/16.. diamond tail. one nice ride!

Dynocore™ differences

Get your Froth on.. its Party Time…

Check out the pics here..

Dynocore epoxy Whats Hot Right Now

Someones New Shooter..

Well here is a new one fresh out of the lab… a new Model at that. Born out of the desire to have something to ride thats comfortable and easy to use on the bigger days that are not so longboard friendly. You know, easy to paddle and catch waves but also duckdivable and can […]


Point Breaks overload…. Get more waves with Special FX

Nice Swells coming thru at the moment and a great time to be testing out different board shapes.. Here is Barrista extroadinare Oliver Shaw making the most of his Test drive on our 5’2 Felix Demo, Cheers to Geoff Fanning for the pics..

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Diverse Japanese Cup 2012 Sunday April 22nd Flatrock Tugun Beach

heat draw , schedule and regulations below

Isaac Paddon longboard modern vintage noserider

Walk on in for the ride that you will remember…

Take a Walk on your favourite point break with a nose rider


Nice Day for a Wave

These shots are in the solomon islands

modern vintage

What Kind of Eggs are in your Quiver this weekend?