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Asher Pacey test’s the Dynocre Racing Mullet for Waves magazine

[vimeo] We sent Asher a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Racing Mullet dynocore with 25 litres for him to ride around Indo for the Waves board test. As you can see he its ripping on the thing in all conditions, from 2 foot sloppy ones to 5 foot reef wedges. Th Racing […]

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Sargent Trim’s new stripes

The noserider model also known as Sargent Trim has gone through some updates over the last few months. We updated the shape at the start of the year and have been making a few for the staff, team riders and good customers who were keen to be part of the evolution of the board,  try […]

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Dynocore Epoxy Longboard testing

Jasons feedback as a 3 times australian champion is very usefull in dialling in the performance of our Longboard project. Longboards have completely different flex requirements to performance short boards.


Performance counts

Although Dynocore™ Surfboards are very durable, We did not add anything at the sacrifice of performance. Dynocores™ feel like a really well shaped, lightweight Polyurethene and Polyester pro surfers board, however gone are the traits of usual epoxy board like chatter or that skittery feeling you get of the bottom. We replaced that feeling with […]