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A Unique Product!!!


(Above:) Cross section’s of Dynocore (white with black carbon) and P.U (orange with holes) both hit the same amount of times…

Diverse Dynocore Surfboards, are a unique product as they are all made locally in Kirra, Australia, with the best materials available to us, not overseas in Taiwan, Thailand, Chinese, or Korean factories!
They are all made by local shaper’s and glasser’s,

Also they are unique because not only do they perform better than your regular P.U board
, they are stronger, more lively, more responsive, with 10-15% more floatation! And come in every shape imaginable!
At Diverse we make boards that last!! and always have, we will continue to do so and support Australian shaper’s in the process!

If you are a skeptic why not come down and try one!
we do demo surfboards because our boards can hold up to all sorts of punishment and we want you to get on the right board no matter what level you are at!