So you have Tried fishes, funboards and
everything in between? Trying to find that feeling of pure stoke riding a wave like you always dream of? Snaps, Slides, Vert Re-entrys, good in the barrel…. Here’s the board you need. It’s Whats Next for you in your search for the ideal 3 fin performance board for every day at home and in your board bag for that boat trip!

We could say ride it 2″ shorter than your traditional short board… but hey tell me what is a traditional short board now…
How about you just Ring us up at +617 5598 4848 or +614 33 560 260, or email with your ph number. We can then do our best to advise you of the ideal size. After all Custom is King and the best help you will get is talking to the ones in the know…

Next Board
pictured here is a 5’11”x191?4”x21?4”x28L

WN Model

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