The Modern Version of the Simmons tweaked for extra performance.

The Mini Chopper came about after a long time playing with Mini Simmons style boards. It has similar turning speed and flow characteristics but is more suited to the performance surfer who cant quite get their head around the wide hull nose of the Simmons or is surfing in choppy conditions where the pulled in nose and flat entry are more forgiving.

You will do things on this board you didn’t think were possible, they catch heaps of waves and are not limited to small waves by any means, the speed you can obtain with great control is incredible!

Ridden it 10-15? shorter than your traditional shortboard or half the size of your ten foot log, its super versatile and can be ridden as a twin, quad or thruster

Dont confuse it with a pier pony
More history than a pier pony… the mini Chopper Comes from a long thourobred line of Diverse Shapes

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