Maximum Paddle Power in an Egg style Shortboard.
Maximum Paddle Power in an Egg style Shortboard.

Maximum Paddle Power in an Egg style Shortboard.

The extra foam in this little board means extra fun! The BB is a performance board when the waves are on or a small wave monster when its lacking punch.

If your riding a 6’1 as your standard shorty you will be on a 5’4 BB and still have more paddle power! This means every time you get up your foot is on the tail kicker and you are ready to bust that first turn, and this thing will fit a turn in where you never thought possible. With all the foam under your feet this board makes average conditions fun and good conditions outrageous!

The eggy outline allows volume to be packed into every part of the board so you can go super short. The round tail is perfect for average conditions with its wide plaining area under the fins and when it turns on the longer rail line holds in and flows from rail to rail with ease.

Heaps of paddle power, tight turning radius, responsiveness  and quad/thruster set up mean the BB has it all!



  • Dave shaped me a 5’8″ Dynocore BB, and it’s killed the need for the rest of my boards. Despite its size, I’ve surfed it in wally 6’+ waves and gutless 1′ beachies. The thing rips, takes off so quickly and has so much drive off the bottom and out of turns. In good waves it surfs amazingly, and it handles average surf really well. It paddles super well, getting into waves early and easily – loves a late drop too. By far the funnest and most easily surfed board I’ve ridden to date.

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