High Performance Quad Fin Shortboard

The DK is the shortboard for the surfer who needs hold and speed in good waves and wants to step up to the benefits of a quad.

The DK is the most advanced Quad shape in the diverse lineup, the original features in this board show the innovation and progression Diverse are famous for. Faster than a Silver Bullet, Not too Fat or Too Skinny… Just Right!

This board is best suited to hollow powerful waves where speed is key and confidence and hold are a must! The bottom shape of the DK is all about funnelling water through the fins and creating speed while having hold and direction. The double concave entry creates lift and direction and aids paddling into bigger and bumpier waves while the big double to vee tail contour channels water through the fins. heres some action pics from Jake in Tassie.


  • Hey Dave

    How’s it going mate? Just letting you know that DK you shaped for me a couple of years back is helping beat the icey cold of a Tassie Winter. It just accelerates so fast and turns on a dime. Here’s a few shots of me at the local, out the front of my house. As you can see plenty of rubber but that board moves like it’s still summer! I’m only a couple off months off 40 but this board makes me feel like I’m 18 again!

    thanks mate keep ’em coming


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