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Custom Dynocore™ Boards now available

[bigcommerce link=”6%272-x-18-3%7B47%7D4-x-2-1%7B47%7D4-%3D-27.2-L-Dynocore-Surfboard” target=”blank”]http://store.diversesurf.com.au/products/6%272-x-18-3%7B47%7D4-x-2-1%7B47%7D4-%3D-27.2-L-Dynocore-Surfboard.html[/bigcommerce]Heres one ready to go now! Yes, you can now order custom Dynocores.. call the Shop at Tugun on 07 5598 4848 to make a booking to meet with Dave and get the best board made for you. You can email him to on dave@diversesurf.com.au Did you understand custom right?… any shape any model we do…

Custom epoxy surfboard
Custom Dynocore..
Diverse Delivers Dynocores
ready to roll with your new Dynocore™