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Dont get down we can fix the drought!!

Its been a hard few weeks on the east coast, the weather has been perfect and the temp is going up every day but the waves have been few and far between.

Hopefully we get another taste of winter before northerly season and summer fully kicks in.      As a local in the line ups around Cooly this time of year is when we are supposed to be cashing in on the cold mornings with minimal crew to get us through the long crowded summer.

But if you cant wait for the next proper ground swell to make its way up the coast and you need to get out there now we have the solution!


We have a sweet selection of Ex-demo and second hand slop machines for all shapes and sizes. Each of these crafts will transform your 1 foot onshore slop into rippable fun as hell super sessions!

All come with free shipping to your door and we guarantee half your money back if you want to trade them in in the next 12 months, grab one now to get you through summer and trade it for a something different when you need it.