4 new Dynocore™ Surfboards for $1500aud

Want To be part of the most exciting new Custom Surfboard Technology?  We need your help. We want your honest feedback and appraisal of our ongoing research and development project.

What we have is a market ready product, An insane combination of CUSTOM Surfboard technology that gives you incredible response with a definable improvement in your Surfing! The Build process is Unique, Time & labor intensive. We need to make the custom build process more viable for Production so more than a chosen few elite surfers can benefit. We want to keep making these here in Australia & licence out the technology in future to USA, Japan and Europe. We are prepared to make boards out at lower cost to early adopters, People who really care about making a better product and want to be a part of our surfboards future.

So what we require is a few surfers like yourself to Buy in to my Dynocore™ Club. Dynocores normally retail at $1000 each. membership for your first year is $1500. This gets you 4 new Shortboards made with our exclusive tech. One board immediately then replaced by swapping with a new one every 4 months. At the end of your year you walk away with a new board and a personal relationship with Dave our head designer/shaper. Your surfing will have achieved an Amazing new level!

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