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Posted By : Dave Verrall
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#dynocore the Felix is the new mini bike @diverse

 #dynocore the Felix is the new mini bike @diverse

Some Good Feedback…
OMG the felix is an unbelievable ride, so fast, so directional, so tight turning, so unlimiting you really have to think about what you want to do on it next (in the meantime you just do the best cutbacks of your life!). Weve got this wave called south pt which is a  fairly  normal average kind of wave( I like it being a goofy and having grown up surfing groynes in perth ) ,sheltered  in big sw storms, a lot of surfers think its fat and rooted but can get pretty good like any spot. Well felix loves it and the tiny turning radius really suits it, making the most of the flatter sections. It basically turns a wave like that into a high performance wall alters your perception of it . I got it to surf with my 10 yr old but made the mistake of letting him surf it ,well now he loves it. “Goes better than my board dad ‘’ oh great!!! Anyhow my board searching days have ceased at the diverse dynacore shop. With my d-quad, semi-gun and now felix Im satisfied and my search is well and truly over for the perfect quiver.
Cheers to dave and the team at the shop,justin and henry.
Could you send me some business cards and some more board stickers.
Very happy dynacore customer in margaret river
Mike bosich