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Logging…..Pig Vs Noserider

Not many waves on the Goldy at the moment so I was going through my morning ritual to get me amped on flat days, of browsing a few surf clips and sipping on a coffee. (was a killer brew from Shit Coffee next door to the Diverse shop, if you haven’t been in there do yourself a favour and check it out!) As the forecast is for a southerly swell to arrive in the next few days that will be good on the points for some log sliders, I was checking out clips on Slide magazine’s page and came across a couple that show how differently how a Pig shaped log and a straight railed Noserider move through the water.

Have a look at this clip and you will see how the Pig likes to hang in the pocket and climb high in the wall without out running the wave when on the front half of the board, perfect for slower points or fat rolling beach breaks.

By contrast look at this clip and see how the parallel outline of a classic nose rider will speed up when on the from half of the board and push out onto the wall past the pocket then need to be back peddled and put back in the pocket. Better for your fast running points like Noosa or the Goldy points on a good day.

We get asked about the difference between the two whenever we are talking logs so hopefully now you can see what we are on about and can make an informed decision on which way to go depending on your style and the waves you are surfing.

Happy logging!




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