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READ this if you would like to surf everyday!

I come from a place where there is usually at least 2 foot of swell with some grunt behind it, a place where you don’t need a shorter wider shortboard or a fish if you don’t want one.

Moving to the Gold coast where most of the waves I surf are 1-2 foot, and this time of the year unfortunately the wind is more than unfavorable, my attitude to that was don’t surf unless it is over 2 foot otherwise you are wasting your time.

So Justin suggested taking the Mc bean for a paddle. The first one I surfed was a little big for me to get the proper feeling, but all I remember is how it generated speed out of anything, any little bump or ridge it went over on the wave it just kept going quicker!

I realized the potential of this board but it wasn’t until a few months down the track, when I saw one my size that a light went off in my head, that said I have to have this board!

I have now had the Mc Bean for one week and I am finding it hard to get off it, I have surfed everyday, ( It has been 1 foot and onshore everyday for one week).

With a big double barrel concave the board has so much lift and speed it cuts through chop  and gets speed off any little bump, as well as a quad fin set up to keep the tail free and give the board drive and direction.

The width of this board also makes it hard to fall off as it is stable without making it loose any of its turning ability.

I am sorry to say my attitude to small onshore slop has now changed as sometimes i’m having more fun than when the waves are bigger!

Come in and try our demo board for yourself and see what I am talking about.

Cheers Ross,