From the top we have 4 performance machines, a sweet 5’11 diamond tail Drew model, a 6’1 and 6’3 DS and the 6’10 Turbo rhino chaser!
That makes the shortboards $600 a pop and the gun $650!
We got swell galore at the moment and any one of these things will get you lighting the place up or chasing the bombs if you go for the flaming gun!

Below we have a few for the more fruity folks amongst us, if your like me and want to have an ever extending quiver and feel some different ‘feel’ under your feet then any one of these will get you going!
We have a 9’1 J-lo quad with some seriously head turning graphics, if you want to see what can be done on these things check this out
Next to that is our 6’0 twin, come in and check this thing out and cast your eye down the tail and get a look at the rocket concave that really gets this thing moving.
Then the yellow 7’0 J-lo that looks the goods and down the front is the 5’10 DQX that is a Dave creation that gives you that retro fish feel and speed but holds in on the bigger days.
These babies are $100 off also so that makes the twin and yellow J-lo $780 the DQX $680 and the 9’1 only $900!

We have got 16 boards in total that we are knocking $100 off so come and see us and get yourself a new stick at a killer price!