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Posted By : Dave Verrall
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Racing Mullet Feedback…

G’day Dave.

I don’t write this lightly, but I have given myself plenty of time to feel out my board and am compelled to give you some feedback.
A couple of months ago I bought one of your stock racing mullet boards, 5’10″x19-3/4″x2-7/16″ with a sweet looking orange tail. Since the purchase I have been lucky enough to get to surf everything from solid cyclone swells at the superbank and a solid south swell at Angourie back beach, to hollow and fat beachies of all sizes from Fingal to Pottie.
Where previously I was alternating between a 6′ 4″ shortie and a 6′ 0″ twin keel fish, I now have no need to pack anything other than the racing mullet. At 186cm tall and 90kg, the dynocore construction floats me easily and the response through turns is remarkable.
This is, for me, the perfect board. Versatility and performance without any compromise.
Thanks, and please continue to produce gems like these.