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Riding a Mini simmons with Alex Knost….

Check out Al doing his thing on a Mini Simmons, he may put a bit too much jive into his surfing for some people but this clip is a good example of how the Simmons shape works, heaps of free speed without effort and so loose you can push a turn out with about 1/3 of the power you would use on a conventional board…..A real challenge and soooo much fun!

New shape Style Commander

The famous Diverse Style Commander has got a new vibe.


The original SC was more of a micro mal and had its place in the line up but had its limitations also. With the new updates we have opened it up to a wider range of surfing styles and wave types.

The smoother wider nose and fuller rail up front has it entering waves early and flowing off the front foot while the double concave, rounded squash tail with hard edge gives the feel of a retro board with the responsiveness of a modern hybrid shorty.

Retro stylists will love the smooth mid-length flow this board gets from the soft rocker entry and soft rails forward of the fins when set up as a 2+1 or single fin, while the performance surfer will have speed to burn and all the forgiveness in the world when set up as a quad and surfed off your back foot.

This one pictured is the first one available for sale so if your keen get in touch with us quick  because it is a thing of beauty in the flesh.

Sargent Trim’s new stripes

Volane cloth noserider 9’6 x 23 1/2 x 3 1/8
Made heavy, at 12kg its true to the classic logs of the 70’s and will trim for days.

The noserider model also known as Sargent Trim has gone through some updates over the last few months.

We updated the shape at the start of the year and have been making a few for the staff, team riders and good customers who were keen to be part of the evolution of the board,  try something new and give some feedback.

As the NR is the board I’m out on every day at Snapper or the pass I was happy when Dave started to make a few and ride one himself. We were happy with the new template we had at the start of the year but were keen to keep it evolving until we had a board that not only looks right but has all of the ingredients to make a board that would be superior to any other nose rider out there, no compromises for turning ability or to keep up with whats cool, a straight out tip riding machine.

To make a good nose rider what you are really doing is creating a board that holds trim in any situation by having all of the elements and curves flowing and working together so not to disturb the water flow and trim. Once you get that right you automatically have a board that has flow and moves through the water cleanly and with style.

The changes we have made give you this, we have concentrated on getting the rails and deck contour through the tail to flow and work together, this is what keeps you perched on the nose while the water is being sucked onto the deck of the tail. The other change is in the rail line and outline of the nose, this is for forgiveness, when it starts to go wrong or you are riding choppy conditions and your starting to nosedive the higher rail line in the nose will dig you out and get you trimming again.

These changes need to been see in person to appreciate so come in check one out and take my board for a ride and you will see what I’m on about!