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New shape Style Commander

The famous Diverse Style Commander has got a new vibe.


The original SC was more of a micro mal and had its place in the line up but had its limitations also. With the new updates we have opened it up to a wider range of surfing styles and wave types.

The smoother wider nose and fuller rail up front has it entering waves early and flowing off the front foot while the double concave, rounded squash tail with hard edge gives the feel of a retro board with the responsiveness of a modern hybrid shorty.

Retro stylists will love the smooth mid-length flow this board gets from the soft rocker entry and soft rails forward of the fins when set up as a 2+1 or single fin, while the performance surfer will have speed to burn and all the forgiveness in the world when set up as a quad and surfed off your back foot.

This one pictured is the first one available for sale so if your keen get in touch with us quick  because it is a thing of beauty in the flesh.