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The Dreamboat

Our mate Fletcher has been coming into the shop over the last year building up his perfect quiver with a few Modern Vintage boards, each one custom ordered and thought about in depth so the style and shape fits with what the board is built to do. Each board has turned out beautifully but this one is at the top of the tree.

He wanted a log that will work on the points on the small, clean loggy days, and be classic and timeless enough not to go out of style or lose function, what we ended up coming up with is this fine piece if art.

Built using the same ingredients as the logs made in the 70’s that are still around today, this board will be around in 40 years and still be as classic and stylish as it is today.

Full Volane cloth, twin hardwood stringer, wooden tail block, glass-on hatchet fin, subtle resin tail dip and a nice little addition of a logo to say thanks to his misses and keep her happy with his new toy.

We have done a few of these noseriders lately but this is the best one I’ve seen come out of the factory for sure!

Enjoy the board mate and hopefully we wont see you behind the rock at snapper on the hot pink foamy now you have got a few proper boards in the garage!

If you have got a dream board in mind drop in and see us, the favorite part of my job is coming up with a special board that means something to the person taking it home, I have a garage full of special boards, all with their own history and heaps of ideas on how to make you next board special, so come see me and get the ideas flowing!