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  • Live in margaret river and time depending surf a variety of waves from margs to beachies and small bombies, left slabs… have not snapped a dynacore yet and their strong, resilenant nature is what ive always looked for in a board, yet never found until now. I own 5 dynacores now and most were secondhand demo models which still look great and have heaps of life in them. I dared myself to buy a felix model 5’2” to surf with my 11yo son and now surf it more than any other board i own…friggen incredible what it does and im 43!!! but feel like a 20 year old sometimes. If surfings meant to be fun, which i reckon it is, then I’m having more FUN now than i ever have surfing. Love the felix so much, got dave to make a gun (which is a 7’2” planeshape squashed into a 6 footer!) and its exactly what i ordered . So stable yet manovourable, sensitive in the tube yet beefy for paddling and gettin onto big waves and fast for getting out of trouble. Daves dynacores are a revelation for this regions notorious heavy water beach and reef breaks ( ive broken basically all types of ”strong boards” down here except dynacores, thats my experience, not saying they cannot break, but they are the toughest boards ive ever used.) Kudos to you and your breakthrough materials dave, your’ve saved me alot of grief and frustration, and your boards as diverse as they are (no pun intended) all perform unreal.
    A believer in margs,
    mike bosich (nov 2013)

  • Dynocore has a great flex, compared to other brands out there. It’s more flexible than TL2. I’ve tested the Dynocore flex at home by standing in the center of the board. This is the best way for me on how to test the flex of my surfing board.

  • What fin set up best suits this board ?

  • This is copied from an email..
    Hi Dave,

    Just got back from the Mentawi. This board (6’2 racing mullet) went really well all the way through the whole trip accept for the last day when we surfed bank
    vaults but it was 8 to 10 (face) foot solid. There was a lot of water
    and I definitely needed a bigger board then. But….. I probably did
    not really give it a better go because I got wiped out pretty bad
    (stuffed my neck and almost drowned) on my second wave. Got spooked
    and went in. Ha ha! This wave was more suited to Andy (Campbell) i think.

    It took on 4 to 7 feet HT’s with ease (pictured). Even 5 feet sucky
    Bintangs. I did moves that I did not know I could do at Lance’s left
    (4 to 5 foot). I was the only one catching waves at 1 foot Macaronis.
    It went like a fish but able to do moves like on a normal short board.
    Went super well at 3 feet Thunders too. Even when it was onshore at
    Burger world this board took the bumps surprisingly well.

    This is the best board I have ever ever ridden. No complaints and I
    think it will be difficult to improve. Only issue I had was the big
    pressure dings I got on the deck but the bottom of the board is still
    brand new.

    I cant wait to get Andy to have a go on it and see what he thinks. It
    rocks. Keep up the good work mate. I dont think I would have had such
    great surf if I was on another board. Thanks again.

    Daves Comment back..
    Sweet, sounds great mate. Glad i got you dialled in first time. As for the deck dents.. see what they are like after a couple days of not using it.. generally 70% plus disappears, the foam has a memory.. if not tell me asap.

    James replys with

    I just cant keep raving any more about this board mate. At first I
    thought it just goes well because of perfect waves in the mantawi but
    then again it ripped on 1 foot macaronis where no one else could get
    waves and I remember it went well at knee high Malaysia slop. This is
    truly an all rounder board from knee high slop to up to 7 feet
    perfection (as long as it is not solid). It looks and feels deceiving
    (being so light) on land. You would think a fish would go better on
    small waves but this does the same or better and allows you to surf at
    your best when it pumps. Amazing board. Your a fucking legend!

    I wondered what it would go like as a thruster? Would it have handled
    the 8 to 10 feet solid waves at bank vaults if I used the thruster

    If the deck dents disappears that is another bonus but if it doesn’t I
    don’t really care. It still rides sick. Thanks again.

    James Keets 6'2 Racing mullet Dynocore

  • some how get that flick after turns feels amazing… super light and sexy looking! i want one more!!!!

    check some footage out on this amazing toy 😀

    once you go dynocore you never go back

  • Thanks Dave for the test board on Sunday I trialled the 6’4 SG. What can I say I like ridding single fins – I was amazed how well the board went. In the surf conditions at the time for which I normally would have ridden a longer board I was surprised by the ease of catching waves the snappy turns and even tho in a slow section being able to put it up in to the foam how can you say “float up” then over the foam and down. Cheers, Carl.

  • I have been riding the Dynocore for over a month and in that time my surfing has improved by twenty years. At age 54 I found the Dynocore to bring back the “snap” in my turns, both off the bottom and top of the wave. The 6’4″ that I am riding is thinner than any board I have ridden in years but, still paddles like a board that is much thicker. The way the board flexes with the wave and your weight has allowed me to do things that I thought were long past my time. Thanks Dave

  • Tested a few dynocore’s now.
    I will comment on the longboards as this is what I have recently put into competition for testing.
    They are my normal dimensions, although because they are lighter, stronger and have more “twang” the boards go considerably different.
    I find them to feel incredibly alive in the water. They paddle very well and most importantly of all with epoxy boards is that these dynocore construction longboards have amazing flow and momentum in the water.
    With a couple of tweaks to some of the key characteristics to “personalise” them a little bit more for myself, I will be definitely introducing them to the world of pro longboarding later in the year.
    Look out for photos and videos on this site soon of the dynocore project.
    cheers guys

  • Best little board I’ve used, light and fast for paddling and takeoffs. Great for all waves. Thanks Diverse for letting me try the Dynocore!

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