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We never tire of stoked customers!!

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A recent 6’6 Custom GM we did for a customer, we were pretty stoked with the art he picked and the way it turned out…
Here’s what he had to say…

Big thanks Justin, Dave, Ross and anyone else who had a hand in the creation of my new GM, though the waves today were far from epic the board felt Golden, so stoked! And the glass job rocks! Dan.



  • Hi Tass, it’s Ve from Menai skate buddy. Been trying to find you guys. Email me or something

  • G’day
    Dave, Justin and Ross

    I am totally blown away by my Racing Mullet, this shape and Dynocore rock.

    The first thing I noticed was the Racing mullet paddles like a speed boat however duck dives very easy.

    It paddles into waves with speed and power, I get into waves early, it holds a high line automatically, and it flows into the sweet spot of the wave with ease.

    I get heaps more turns in per wave, I get around sections fast and easy.

    The best feeling is being able to highline with ease, no excessive pumping to interfere interaction with the wave, instead I have free head space to surf the wave and enjoy it.

    Initially when working the board down the line I though it felt corky, I was concerned about what I had heard about EPS and corkiness. I then worked the board from rail to rail with a bit more emphasis and the board came alive. Simple rail to rail speed generation became a swinging motion of poetry. Snappy turns of the top happen smoothly and effortless. Cut backs just flow. Getting back on my PU board seemed boggy compared to the Dynocore.

    I felt that someone had given me superman’s powers for the arvo to go surf with.

    Everything seems so easy and effortless; great positions, moves and long runs.

    I have surfed the Dynocore Racing Mullet with my Shapers Quad X fins at Curly in peaky / choppy 2 foot and at Long Reef in 4 to 5 foot glass and choppy 4 foot we had in the past week and it has performed excellently.

    A better surf and better for the environment

    Dave you have discovered and created the holy grail of surfboards.

    This Diverse board won’t be my last.


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