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Posted By : Dave Verrall
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Diverse Dynocore in the Mentawai Islands

Story by Dave Thurgood.

Recently I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Mentawai islands with my new Diverse Epoxy Dynocore Surfboard. Our pitstop will surf camp based guides took us to the best surf on offer in the region. Reefs like 4Bobs, Burger World, Bang Bangs & Napussi.
This meant a great work out for me and my new board, in solid 6ft Indian Ocean conditions I found it responsive and fast. Giving the maximum amount of fun you could extract from excellent waves and warm clear water.
I’m looking forward to a repeat visit to this frontier of surfing with a Diverse board, who knows what Feral Dave and his team will develop next. I’m sure it will be great, but thanks for the current contribution and its impact on my surfing enjoyment.

Best wishes – Dave Thurgood